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Injectable amino acids come in the intravascular and intracellular depot of endogenous free amino acids.

Introduction anadrol side effects of amino acids necessary for protein synthesis (including essential, conditionally essential amino acids and nonessential) contained in the formulation, provides a high nutritional efficiency and reduces the load on the body by protein synthesis.

Thus, the main therapeutic effect Nutriflex 48/150 is to supply the body substrate for the synthesis of protein and energy due to glucose in parenteral nutrition.

Individual concentrations of amino acids in the preparation are selected in such a way that after intravenous injection of this solution increasing concentrations of each amino acid in the plasma does not go beyond the normal, which provides the maintenance and homeostasis of amino acids in the plasma. Glucose is the most adapted to the body’s energy source and at the indicated dose itself or together with further input lipid emulsion covers the needs of the patient in the non-protein calories, amino acids protect against misuse.


Indications for use:

Used for parenteral nutrition in inpatient and outpatient for covering the daily requirement of patients energy, amino acids, electrolytes and fluids during parenteral nutrition in patients with the degree of catabolic moderate to severe when enteral nutrition is impossible, insufficient or contraindicated, as well as combined with them, such as:

  • Preoperative preparation;
  • Conditions after major surgery;
  • Injuries moderate and severe degrees of severity;
  • Burns;
  • Inflammatory-destructive bowel disease (Crohn’s, intestinal fistulas);
  • Short bowel syndrome;
  • Eating disorders (cachexia);
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Sepsis, peritonitis;
  • Acute pancreatitis; Parenteral nutrition in patients with mechanical ventilation.


  • Disorders of amino acid metabolism;
  • hyperkalemia;
  • Hyponatremia;
  • Metabolic disorders (eg, diabetes);
  • Coma of unknown etiology;
  • Hyperglycemia, nekorregiruemaya insulin doses of up to 6 units / hour;
  • Acidosis;
  • Severe liver and / or kidney failure;
  • Hypersensitivity of one component of the mixture;
  • Children under 2 years old.

Total parenteral nutrition

  • Severe circulatory disorders (collapse and shock);
  • Severe tissue hypoxia;
  • hyperhydration;
  • Disturbances of water and electrolyte balance;
  • Pulmonary edema;
  • Decompensated heart failure.

Pregnancy and lactation
No clinical studies have been conducted. It is necessary to weigh the benefits and anadrol side effects risks before prescribing the drug during pregnancy. We do not recommend breast-feeding when using the drug.

Dosage and administration:

Methods of preparing Nutriflex 48/150 for use: Chamber bag, which are separated by a special branch of the seam. One chamber is filled with a solution of amino acids and electrolytes, while the other – and dextrose electrolytes. Immediately prior to the parenteral administration of amino acid solutions, glucose and electrolytes should be mixed. To do this:

  • remove the double chamber bag from its protective packaging,
  • expanded and deployed on a flat surface (table),
  • make the gap separating seam by pressing both hands on one of the chambers of the bag,
  • pick up and mix the contents of both chambers by moving the right and left of the bag up and down.

Thereafter, the solution is ready for use. Upon completion of the infusion bag is ejected.

If necessary Nutriflex 48/150 drug can be added to the lipid emulsion by introducing them to a ready solution through a special port on the bag top. If necessary, add other ingredients to the finished solution, you must use an extension port located at the bottom. All ingredients should be added aseptically and taking into account their compatibility with each other.

chosen according to individual needs. The maximum daily dose of 40 ml / kg m. M. / Day, which corresponds to amino acids 1.92 g / m kg. M. / Day or 6 g glucose / kg m. M. / Day.

Injection speed:
maximum infusion rate – 2 ml / kg mt / hour, which corresponds to amino acids of 0.096 g / m m kg / hr and 0.3 g glucose / kg mt / hour…….

Duration of use:
no limitation on the duration of use anadrol side effects of the drug has not been identified.

Precautions for use of the drug:
In patients with increased osmolarity of blood plasma, heart failure, with liver and / or kidney failure. For patients with cardiac, liver and renal insufficiency dosage and mode of administration can be set individually.

Side effects:
Side effects are very rare. Upon termination of the therapy are rapidly reversible. The introduction of the drug may result in allergic reactions, chills, nausea, vomiting. Due to the high osmolarity of the solution in some cases may show signs of increased diuresis. In such cases, administration of the drug should be stopped and later resumed at a rate of infusion. In case of any side effects that are not described in the instructions, patients should report them to your doctor.



When properly administered drug overdose of the drug is observed

The symptoms of volume overload or electrolyte overdose
Hypertonic hyperhydration, fluid and electrolyte balance, edema of the lungs.

Symptoms of an overdose of amino acids:
amino acids losses in the urine with the development of disorders of amino acid balance, vomiting, tremor.

Symptoms of glucose overdose
Hyperglycaemia, glucosuria, dehydration, hyperosmolarity serum or hyperglycemic hyperosmolar coma.

the introduction of the solution should be discontinued in the event of overdose symptoms. Further treatment is selected individually depending on the severity of symptoms. The infusion may be resumed later at a lower speed with frequent monitoring.

Interaction with other medicinal products
are not described.

When total parenteral nutrition Nutriflex 48/150 should be used in combination with the lipid emulsion.

Before the start of infusion should be adjusted Nutriflex 48/150 fluid and electrolyte balance and acid-base status of the blood. Too rapid administration of the drug may lead to volume overload, disruption of water and electrolyte balance.

Necessary to control the concentration of sugar in the blood. When the manifestation of hyperglycemia rate of administration must be reduced Nutriflex 48/150 or enter the appropriate dose of insulin.

Intravenous fluids accompanied by increased amino acid release urine micronutrients, particularly copper and zinc. This should be considered when selecting doses of micronutrients especially during prolonged therapy.

Because of the risk of psevdoagglyutinatsii not recommended to use the same infusion system for administration of blood products, and multi-component solutions of amino acids.

With the introduction of the drug should be conducted regular monitoring of fluid and electrolyte balance and acid-base balance of blood, control blood sugar concentration, ionograms serum. During the long-term treatment requires monitoring of blood parameters (coagulation, liver function).

If necessary, possible to add the lipid emulsions of essential fatty acids, electrolytes, trace elements and vitamins.

As with all solutions administered intravenously must be strict observance of the rules of asepsis.

The drug Nutriflex 48/150 is a multi-component solution. When you add to it other solutions or lipid emulsions must take into account the compatibility of all the ingredients.

The drug is supplied in plastic containers double, designed for a single application. Any unused amounts of the drug can not be stored and must be disposed of.

The preparation should be used immediately after mixing of glucose and amino acid solutions. Preparation can be stored after mixing of glucose and amino acid solutions for 7 days at room temperature and up to 14 days when stored in a refrigerator (including administration time).

Do not use the medication if anadrol side effects the solution is not transparent, on the bag, there are clear signs of damage or impair its tightness.

Plastic containers double volume of 1000 ml and 2000 ml. Container embedded in the secondary transparent plastic bag. Between the secondary container and the plastic bag, or is an oxygen absorber between the container chamber, which is iron powder, placed in a special package. buy anastrozole cheap bodybuilders weight loss diet buy testosterone cypionate online with credit card distended abdomen bodybuilding