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Oxaliplatin is an anavar resultsresults antineoplastic drug belonging to a new class of platinum-based compounds in which the platinum atom forms a complex bond with 1,2-diaminocyclohexane

and an oxalate group. Oxaliplatin has antitumor activity in different types of tumors, including colorectal cancer.

It is also effective in the treatment of tumors resistant to cisplatin. Effect is manifested regardless of the cell cycle phase. In the application there is synergy with fluorouracil cytotoxic effect. The mechanism of antitumor effect of oxaliplatin is based on the cytotoxic effect and is not fully understood. Presumably, oxaliplatin forms inter- and vnutrityazhevye connection with DNA, thereby inhibiting its phase replication and transcription.Pharmacokinetics In vivo biotransformation oxaliplatin exposed active and is not detected in the plasma by the end of 2 hours after administration at a dose of 130 mg / m 2 , with 15 % platinum is introduced in the blood, while the remaining 85% are rapidly distributed to the tissues or the kidneys. Platinum is associated with plasma and albumin excreted in the urine within the first 48 hours. By day 5 about 54% of the dose is found in the urine and less than 3% – in the feces. In renal failure there is a significant decrease in clearance with oxaliplatin. Effect of severe renal insufficiency has not been studied on platinum clearance.


  • adjuvant therapy for colon cancer stage III (Duke C in) after radical resection of the primary tumor in combination with fluorouracil / folinic acid calcium;
  • disseminated colorectal cancer (as monotherapy or combination therapy with combinations of FU / folinic acid calcium);
  • ovarian cancer (second-line therapy).


  • hypersensitivity to oxaliplatin, other derivatives of platinum or other ingredients;
  • myelosuppression prior to the first course of therapy with neutrophil levels below 2 × 10% and / or platelet count of less than 100 × 10%);
  • peripheral sensory neuropathy with functional impairment prior to first course of therapy;
  • severely impaired renal function (creatinine clearance less than 30 mL / min);
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • childhood.

Precautions: renal impairment, severe hepatic dysfunction.


Dosage and administration
Oxaliplatin-Teva is prescribed only for adults as an intravenous infusion over 2-6 hours.
Overhydration when use of the drug is needed. If Oxaliplatin-Teva is used in combination with fluorouracil infusion of oxaliplatin-Teva must precede the introduction of fluorouracil.
Adjuvant therapy for colorectal cancer – by 85 mg / m 2 1 every 2 weeks for 12 cycles (6 months).
Treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer – by 85 mg / m 2 1 every 2 weeks as monotherapy or in combination with fluorouracil.
Treatment of ovarian cancer – by 85 mg / m 2 1 every 2 weeks as monotherapy or in combination with other chemotherapeutic agents.
Repeated administration of oxaliplatin-Teva produced only when the number of neutrophils more than 1.5×10% and platelet count greater than 50 × 10%. Recommendations for dose adjustment and administration regimen oxaliplatin when anavar results results hematological disorders (neutrophil count <1.5 × 10 9 and / or a platelet count <50 × 10 9 ), holding following the course set aside to restore normal laboratory values. Patients who during infusion or within a few hours after a 2-hour infusion developed acute laryngotracheal pharyngeal dysesthesia, following infusion of oxaliplatin-Teva should be carried out for 6 hours. when the pain (as a sign of neurotoxicity) lasting more than 7 days or if paresthesia without functional disorders, persisting until the next cycle, the subsequent oxaliplatin dose-Teva should be reduced by 25%. If paraesthesia with functional impairment, persisting until the next cycle, oxaliplatin-Teva should be repealed; a decrease in the symptoms of neurotoxicity after the abolition of oxaliplatin-Teva can consider resuming treatment. With the development of stomatitis and / or mucositis II and a degree of toxicity, treatment with oxaliplatin-Teva should be suspended until their relief or reduce toxicity manifestations until I degree. Patients with renal insufficiency. for use Data oxaliplatin in patients with severe renal impairment is not. Due to limited data on safety and tolerability in patients with moderate renal impairment, before use of the drug should weigh the benefit / risk to the patient. Treatment in these patients may be initiated at the recommended dose under close monitoring of renal function. Mild anavar resultsresults dysfunction of the kidney dose adjustment of oxaliplatin is not required. Patients with impairment of liver function. Dosing regimen changes in patients with mild to moderate form of the failure of the liver function is not required. Data on the use of oxaliplatin in patients with severe hepatic impairment is not. Elderly patients. You do not need a correction mode in the appointment of oxaliplatin in patients over the age of 65 years (including when used in combination with fluorouracil).


Terms of preparation and administration of the solution
When preparing and oxaliplatin-Teva can not use the needle and other equipment containing aluminum.
For the preparation of oxaliplatin infusion solution is diluted with 250-500 ml of 5% dextrose solution. The concentration of the obtained oxaliplatin solution should be between 0.2 and 0.7 mg / ml; with 0.7 mg / mL – the highest concentration used in clinical practice, at a dose of 85 mg / m 2 .
. To prepare the solution of the drug should be used only recommended solvents
must not be used undiluted preparation.
Do not use the drug for dissolving or dilution of the drug solution ( for the preparation of an infusion solution) 0.9% sodium chloride or other salt solutions.
Do not mix in the same container and not administered simultaneously in a single infusion system with other drugs (in particular with fluorouracil, trometamol and preparations kshttsiya folinate, trometamol containing in its composition ), alkaline solutions or solutions containing the chlorides.
Oxaliplatin can be administered together with calcium folinate infusion. In this case, the preparations should anavar results results not be mixed in a single container for infusion. Kachtsiya folinate for infusion should be diluted with 5% dextrose solution, but in any case should not be used, sodium chloride containing solutions or alkaline solutions.
The mixed solution of the drug should be transparent and should not contain any undissolved particles. Otherwise the drug solution can not be applied. The solution of the drug used immediately after preparation.
The product is intended for single use only. Unused drug solution should be discarded.
In the case of extravasation the introduction of the drug should be discontinued immediately. induject 250