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The drug anadrol pillsis used 1 time per day, by sticking a patch transdermal (PT) on clean, dry, intact skin of the abdomen, front and outer thigh, the lateral surface of the trunk, shoulder and shoulder girdle.

Dosing recommendations are based on the nominal content of rotigotine.

Patch containing the drug must be replaced every day at about the same time (the duration of use of the patch 24 hours).

If the patient has forgotten to glue the patch at the usual time or plaster come off, for the time remaining until the next patch change, you should use a new patch.

Places sticking plaster should be alternated. Re-gluing on one and the same place may be not earlier than 14 days.

Dosing regimen in patients in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease
initial dose is 2 mg / 24 h. Taking into account individual tolerance and therapeutic efficacy of the weekly dose is increased by 2 mg / 24 h to achieve an effective dose or up to a maximum dose of 8 mg / 24 hours.

For some patients, the dose of 4 mg / 24 hours can be effective. For most patients, the effective dose is 6 mg / 24 h or 8 mg / 24 h, which is reached in 3-4 weeks. The maximum dose is 8 mg / 24 hours.

The dosage regimen in patients with advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease accompanied by fluctuations.
Treatment starts with a dose of 4 mg / 24 hours, raising its weekly 2 mg / 24 h to achieve an effective dose or up to a maximum dose of -16 mg / 24 hr.

For the majority of these patients an effective dose is reached within 3-7 weeks and is 8-16 mg / 24 h.

In order to achieve a dose of more than 8 mg / 24 hours patch should be used more.

Since the dose  picked individually, starting with a minimum and gradually increasing the dose until the optimum therapeutic effect, taking into account the clinical tolerance, the need for dose adjustments depending on sex, body weight and age of the patient is absent.

Discontinuation of therapy
treatment drug should not be stopped abruptly. Abolition of the drug  should be done gradually by reducing the daily dose of 2 mg / 24 hours a day until complete discontinuation.

Hepatic and renal failure
for patients with hepatic failure or weak or moderate renal insufficiency, including those which have shown hemodialysis, an extra dose adjustment is required. In patients with severe hepatic insufficiency the drug calls for caution as the clearance of rotigotine in this group can be reduced. Rotigotine has not been studied in patients with severe hepatic insufficiency. In case of increase of liver failure may require dose reduction. The development of acute renal failure may be accompanied by a sudden increase in the concentration of rotigotine.

Use in children and adolescents
The use of rotigotine in children and adolescents is not recommended due to lack of data on safety and efficacy in this group of patients.

When using anadrol pills it is recommended to follow the instructions below

Plaster  need to stick to the skin once a day.

The patch must stay on the skin for 24 hours, after which it must be removed, and the next new area of skin sticking plaster.

Before applying a new patch, make sure that the old patch is removed.

The patch is recommended to be changed every day at about the same time.

You can not cut the patch  apart.

To attach the patch: the sticky side of the patch is adhered to a clean, dry, healthy skin on areas of the body shown in the illustration in gray:


  • shoulder
  • shoulder girdle
  • stomach
  • anterior and lateral thigh
  • the lateral surface of the body


To avoid skin irritation:


  • Alternate locations sticking plaster, for example, on the right side of the body in one day, on the left side – the 2nd, the upper half of the body – in the third, the bottom – 4 minutes.
  • It is not recommended to stick  on the same area of skin more than once in 14 days.
  • Do not stick the patch on the damaged, reddened or irritated skin.


If after applying the patch of skin lesions occur, seek medical advice (see. “Side effects” section).

To prevent sliding or detachment of the patch:


  • Do not stick the patch to the area where it can be rubbed tight clothing.
  • Do not use creams, oils, lotions, powders or other skin care products on the portion where the patch is attached near or already glued tape.
  • If necessary, attach the patch to the skin, covered with hair, you need to pre-shave this area. The patch is glued to the site, with shaven not older than 3 days.


If the plaster came off, for the time remaining until the next patch change, you should use a new patch.

Taking a bath, shower and perform physical exercise should not affect the validity anadrol pills . Nevertheless, it is necessary to check whether the patch come off after these procedures.

  • It is recommended to avoid external heating in place of plaster sticking with (for example, heating in the sun, sauna, hot tubs, hot-water bottles).
  • If the patch has caused skin irritation, it should be a place to hide from direct sunlight to prevent the change of the area of skin color.

How to use the patch
Each patch is packed in a separate bag. The patch with the drug should stick to the skin immediately after opening the sachet and removing the protective film.

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