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The objective of parenteral anadrol dosage nutrition is to supply the body with all the necessary nutrients for the growth and regeneration of tissues.

The most important amino acids, as some of them are essential in protein synthesis. Co-administration of energy (carbohydrates and lipids) necessary to avoid the undesirable use of amino acids as an energy substrate.

Glucose is utilized by all tissues in the body. Certain tissues and organs, such as , bone marrow, erythrocytes, renal tubule epithelium cover their energy requirements solely by glucose. Furthermore, glucose is the building material for a variety of cellular structures.

Due to the high energy value of lipids are a good source of energy and provide the body with essential fatty acids for the synthesis of cell components and prostaglandins. Therefore, the fat emulsion contains medium-chain triglycerides and long chain (soybean oil).

Medium chain triglycerides are hydrolyzed faster, eliminated from the bloodstream and completely oxidized than long-chain triglycerides with. They are the primary energy substrate anavar side effects, particularly when the process is disturbed metabolism and utilization of long chain triglycerides, such as lipoprotein lipase deficiency cofactors.

Unsaturated fatty acids are part of the only long-chain triglycerides, which are used mainly by the body for the prevention and treatment of lack of essential fatty acids and only secondarily as a source of energy.

Nutriflex 40/80 lipid is administered intravenously. Consequently, all materials are available immediately metabolized.

Amino acids that are not included in the protein synthesis, are metabolised following manner. The amino group is cleaved from the carbon skeleton by transamination. Or the carbon skeleton is oxidized to C02, or utilized as a substrate for hepatic gluconeogenesis. The amino group is also converted in the liver into urea. Glucose is metabolized to C02 and H20. A certain amount of glucose is converted to fat.Subject to the dosing medium-and long-chain fatty acids are practically completely bound to plasma albumin.

Therefore, in compliance with dosing medium-and long-chain fatty acids do not penetrate the blood-brain barrier and therefore do not fall into the cerebrospinal fluid. Data anadrol dosage about the penetration through the placental barrier and into milk are absent.

The dosage, rate of infusion, metabolic state and the individual characteristics of the patient (Basal Metabolic Rate) are critical in achieving maximum concentration of triglycerides. Generally triglyceride concentration should not exceed 3 mg / l.


  • Completion of the daily requirement of energy, essential fatty acids, amino acids, electrolytes, water with parenteral nutrition in patients with moderate to moderately severe catabolism when normal food intake and enteral nutrition is impossible, insufficient or contraindicated.
  • Parenteral nutrition in patients with hyperglycemia or threat of its development.
  • Parenteral nutrition with accessibility infusion only peripheral veins (in the outpatient setting, Department of Surgery, at home).

Contraindications The drug should not be prescribed in the following states

  • Disorders of amino acid metabolism,
  • Disorders of lipid metabolism,
  • Hyperkalemia, hypernatremia,
  • Violations of metabolic syndrome in patients with severe postagressivnom, uncompensated hyperglycemia in diabetes mellitus, coma of unknown etiology)
  • Severe hyperglycemia, insulin nekorrigiruemaya doses of up to 6 units / hour
  • Acidosis,
  • Intrahepatic cholestasis,
  • Severe hepatic impairment,
  • Severe renal insufficiency,
  • Severe heart failure,
  • Hemorrhagic diathesis,
  • The acute phase of myocardial infarction
  • Acute cases of thromboembolism, fat embolism
  • Identified hypersensitivity to egg or soy protein, peanut butter or any of the excipients.

The composition of the lipid Nutriflex 40/80 precludes the possibility of its use in newborns, infants and children under 2 years.

Total parenteral nutrition:

  • Severe circulatory disorders (collapse and shock);
  • Severe tissue hypoxia;
  • The states of fluid anadrol dosage overload;
  • Disturbances of water and electrolyte balance;
  • Acute pulmonary edema, decompensated heart failure


  • An increase in serum osmolality;
  • Patients with impaired cardiac or renal function;
  • If any of the fluid, electrolyte or acid-base balance (eg, hyperhydration, hyperkalaemia, acidosis, should be eliminated before infusion);
  • Patients with impaired lipid metabolism (such as in renal insufficiency, diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis, abnormal liver function,
  • hyperthyroidism with hypertriglyceridemia). When these violations of mandatory monitoring of serum triglycerides;
  • When the manifestation of anaphylactic reactions: fever, seizures, shortness of breath or dyspnea (infusion should be stopped immediately);
  • An increase in glucose concentration over 14 mmol / l (250 mg / mL) (required dosage reduction or discontinuation of the infusion).

Pregnancy and lactation Nutriflex 40/80 lipid during pregnancy and lactation should be used only if absolutely indicated. Not conducted studies to assess the risk-benefit ratio liquid anavar, taking into account the impact on the embryo or fetus.

In applying the drug breastfeeding is not recommended.

Dosing and Administration is intended for intravenous administration in the peripheral and central veins.

It must not be administered simultaneously with blood through the same system, to avoid the possibility psevdoagglyutinatsii.

Mix the contents of the container chambers Rules:

  • Open the outer protective plastic bag;
  • Remove the main container and put it on a hard surface (table);
  • Having pressed both hands to the two upper chambers of the container, open the bridge separating them;
  • Slowly mix the contents of all three chambers of the container;
  • Hang the container on the infusion stand for a special ring-opening in the top of the container;
  • Remove the white protective cap from the bottom of the infusion port, connect a system for anadrol dosage intravenous infusion and begin infusion at a rate specified in this manual.

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