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Specially designed high-performance baby cream-balm has adapted for delicate baby skin containing active ingredients, providing , antiseptic, antibacterial and quick anadrol 50 for sale regenerating effects. Thanks to the balanced formula, it protects baby’s skin from wind and weather, and other manifestations of the environment in a bad environment of big cities.

· Has a high content of sea buckthorn oil and mummies;

· Uses the highest quality ingredients: specially purified Altai mummies and sea buckthorn oil with a high content of carotenoids (not less than 200 mg%);
· action-balm cream reinforced with hyaluronic acid, a natural component that provides additional moisturizing, regenerating and healing effect;

Sea buckthorn oil – the content of biologically active substances is unmatched in the number of vegetable oils and contains more than one hundred medicinal substances. The sea buckthorn contains a record amount of vitamin E – tocopherol. The abundance of vitamins, trace elements, the presence of palmitoleic acid, is rare in the plant world, stimulate the processes of skin respiration and blood circulation, speeding up the restoration of the skin.

Shilajit – a powerful bio-stimulator, enhancing the regenerative processes in damaged tissues. From ancient times to the present day it is used as a wound-healing, antiseptic, tonic. The cream-balm is used specially refined mummy.

Calendula has a sedative and bactericidal action. It has expressed aromatherapy effects.

Plantain due to the content of silicon and tannin has an excellent tonic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Through the combination of mummy, Vinylinum (Shostakovskiy balm), sea buckthorn oil with extracts of medicinal herbs balm cream:

· Effectively restores the skin anadrol 50 for sale at all kinds of its damage, scratches, cracks, household microtraumas;
· softens and nourishes baby’s skin when chapping and peeling in the cold season;
· eliminate itching and swelling of the skin with insect bites;
· reduces redness, irritation, diaper rash;
· restores the skin for sunburn and overheating;
· has a soothing and calming effect;
· nourishes baby’s skin with essential vitamins and minerals;
· promotes rapid regeneration of skin cells.

How to use: Apply to the skin massaging movements until completely absorbed.


Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water. Recommended anadrol 50 for sale for children from 3 years old.

Composition / Ingredients / Warehouse / ?? frame: water special treatment, vegetable oil, wax emulsion, Vinylinum stearate, PEG-400, C16-C20 alcohols, monoglycerides, silicone, glycerin, beeswax, lanolin, PEG oleate -400, liposentol F , sea buckthorn oil, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, allantoin, carbopol, perfume, triethanolamine, extracts of calendula and plantain, vitamin E mummy, vitamin A buy hgh online usa